I came up with a theory last night around 3:00 am, which may also explain why I can’t find my purse, the grocery list that was “just in my hand” or the name of whichever child is standing in front of me.  Now wait..what was I telling you?

Oh yes, my new theory…I rely on my five senses to tweak creativity.  Anything from the sea-washed hue of my Beloved’s eye to the coating of crystals on the bony fingers of a tree…Beauty is inspirational…I can soar to new heights on the wings of a song, be motivated to reproduce by sniffing a random newborn, and the hot spray of an early morning shower can prove to be the wholehearted difference between delight and disaster.  My senses indeed, inspire me.

Could the majority of Americans be so thoroughly uninspired by the 9-5 lives they lead, that their big chance for inspiration comes in the form of spicy bean dip on a frito, simply because Taste is the only sense that they are actually feeding?Hmmm..What inspires you?