I know, I know…It sounds really gross.  Let me explain.

If there is one thing truly worth passing on to our kids, it’s not necessarily our eyes or our brains or our money.  It’s the stuff that’s in our gut. I’m not suggesting that we puke on our kids… I’m suggesting that we find ways during the course of our plain old ordinary day to convey the really important things.  Not preaching at them, but talking with them…eye to eye and heart to heart.  Not just right and wrong.  Right and wrong are important though,  they are an outline.  Go ahead then,  fill the picture in with living colors.  In a way that’s age appropriate, let them see into you. Let your kids know you. Who you are,  why you are and what it is that makes your heart pound with passion…

Legacies begin with time spent together being real.

Peace and Joy!