Since there are six people who live in our home, and I home-school the kids (meaning my house is rarely if ever people-free) I almost always find myself overwhelmed at the amount of continual mess that surrounds me.

One day I was on the phone with daughter Lindsay, and I was spewing fountains of aggravation at the state of my home.  I started walking through each room, telling her what I saw in front of me.  This, unbeknownst to either of us at the time, has become one of our favorite games to play.

On a particularly messy day, when you feel like screaming your head off because your house looks like a cross between Lily Muenster’s abode and something you might see on The Hoarder’s TV show, try playing our little game.  I guarantee, you will laugh rather than cry.  It’s easy to play… just call your girlfriend and tell her what you see all around you.

The following are some of my favorites:

  • An athletic cup on the dining room table
  • A “How To Remove Head Lice” handout sheet in the middle of the living room floor
  • Two different kid’s socks stuffed into a toilet paper roll on the kitchen counter
  • Three regular guitar cases and a bass guitar case lined up in the hallway next to a partially finished Lego Castle which just happened to be set up perilously close to a flowery pink tea set complete with plastic doughnuts, spaghetti and pizza wedges. A fine “welcome” for one and all…you must agree!

Is there anyone out there who can begin to compete with that? Let me hear from you! I could really use a good laugh today!

Peace and Joy…