Every year at about this time I start getting antsy for Spring.  Apparently it doesn’t matter if we have a freezing cold winter with endless snow and ice, or fairly mild temperatures and minimal white outs. By the last couple of weeks of January I’m done with winter and ready to move on!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays!  Thanksgiving left me chubby.  Christmas left me smelling good in my new jammies.  New Year’s left me with a mess of confetti, and party hats…  Honestly I just want to go outside and breathe in the  clean scent of warm potting soil.  Alas it’s January 25th and the only organic smell whiffing up my sniffer are those from ancient potatoes which have sprouted arms in my veggie bin while  I was busy staring out my window yearning for signs of Spring.

How do you best survive the weeks between New Year’s Day and when the crocuses begin to polka dot your yards with their brilliant yellow and purple faces?

Peace and Joy!