I’ve been ever so busy being the “perfect” mommy to my daughter Katie, who was born sixteen years after our oldest daughter Lindsay was born. (I gladly received Lindsay as the largest wedding gift that I was ever given and didn’t even have to register for… I just got her when I married her Daddy three years prior). Then came Caleb, a few years later, with his loverboy eyes and happy-go-lucky smile. Perhaps it was when Lindsay and I were pregnant at the same time with what are now my thirteen year old daughter, Hannah, and my twelve year old grand daughter, Sarah, that my level of busy-ness seemed to spike to new heights. That was until my next pregnancy. I guess possibly it was the fact that my next pregnancy presented itself as “the change of life,” initially, but proved to be a much bigger change than either Gary or I had ever anticipated.  It was actually that very “Change” who was eating hotdogs and cereal for breakfast…
Never the less, I have five priceless gifts, and I’m eternally grateful for each one of them, even if they have kept me from blogging.  That’s all about to change, and if you’re brave enough for the raw honesty of an ex-Jewish American Princess, then please join me as I laugh and cry my way through life as a woman who was afraid I’d be wearing Depends by the time my son finally decided to stop nursing.

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