You Wanna Play What?

The conversations that I sometimes overhear can be downright frightening.  This afternoon I heard Judah (5) talking to Abby (6) in the basement.

Judah: “Hey, lets play the hole game” (giggles)

Abby: (giggles) “Ya, let’s play!”

Me: Ummm guys…what’s the “hole game?” (no giggles)

Abby: It’s when Judah sticks his finger in the hole.

Me: What hole…?”

Abby: The one he made in the wall with the drumstick.

Me: Oh good, ok. … Wait, What???

It’s amazing how good something bad can sound when it’s so much better than what you thought it could have been.  I might be too old for this…

Peace & JOY!





Why Kids Have to Change Their Clothes 5 Times a day

Before I was out of bed this morning, I was checking my e-mail and found that I had received a really sweet note from a gal inquiring about my availability to come speak.

To be on the safe side, she and some of the others wanted to come see me speak somewhere prior to releasing me to speak at their event and she was having trouble tracking me down – couldn’t find an itinerary for me on my webpage etc. and wondered if I could let her know where I’d be speaking so they could come visit.  This was my initial response.

Dear Ma’am, 

The only place I would be able to suggest at the moment would be if you’d like to join me either in the kitchen this morning, as I wade through piles of dirty dishes, or perhaps later on today when I am brave enough to try to tackle the bathtub/shower area. I do also have a speaking engagement this evening, in the laundry room, where I will be speaking… to myself, most likely, on The Topic: Why Kids Have to Change Their Clothes 5 Times a day.

Peace & Joy…Life is good.